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Garlic bread




Tomato, basil, garlic, olive oil mix on top of toasted flat bread

Fresh Mushrooms in Garlic


Button mushrooms, tossed in garlic butter, cherry tomatoes & crusty focaccia

Italian focaccia


Toasted bread topped with tomatoes,basil,garlic and onion,olive oil and rucola

Baked brie cheese


Served with crispy parma ham,cherry tomatoes, drizzle of cranberry sauce, crushed walnuts and toasted ciabatta

Bbq flavoured chicken wings


Marinated wings,chilli salsa,garlic mayo

Impepata di cozze -- Bianca/ Rossa


Fresh black mussels,white wine,lemon zest,cherry tomatoes,black pepper,parsley,toasted baguette

Antipasto to share


Salami milano, salami Napoli ,parma ham,chorizo ,grana shavings, brie cheese, red Leicester, gbejna, grissini, galletti, olives, pickled onions, bigilla, garlic mayo, toasted focaccia

Octopus in Garlic


Octopus tossed in garlic and onions, cherry tomatoes, mint, parsley, crusty bread

*Whilst we thank you for your custom, we have to inform you that ,whilst we try to cater for your allergies we cannot guarantee safety.*