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Fresh Pasta And Risotto

Pasta Section

Spaghetti carbonara


Fried guanciale, egg yolk, fresh pecorino, cracked black pepper.

Spaghetti al mare


Fresh mixed seafood, white wine, cherry tomato, prawn bisque, mint, fresh seabass fillet

Penne al ragu


Fresh beef mince, carrots,celery, onions, red wine, tomato paste

Penne Salmon


Salmon, white wine, cherry tomatoes, mint, cream, lemon juice and zest

Penne alla Norma


Onions, fried aubergines, fresh basil, ricotta salata, tomato sauce

Ravioli rabbit


Onions, garlic,red wine, peas, rabbit sauce, thyme

Tortellini bacon and cream


Onions, garlic,crispy bacon and cream

Garganelle zucchini e pancetta dolce


Fried zucchini, pancetta dolce, tomato sauce, touch of cream

Garganelle pollo e pesto


Chicken, pesto, onion, garlic, pesto, with a drizzle of sundried tomatoes

Risotto Section

Risotto terra e mare


Carnaroli rice, fresh mussels, fresh clams, mussles, shrimps, cherry tomatoes, fish stock, tomato sauce topped with king prawns

Risotto beef curry


Carnaroli rice, Beef ribeye strips, curry paste, mango chutney, coconut milk, touch of cream

*Whilst we thank you for your custom, we have to inform you that ,whilst we try to cater for your allergies we cannot guarantee safety.*